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FAQ  ... hey ... everybody else has one of these

It seems as though everyone has a section like this, so what the heck, we decided to have one of our own!

Q: Who came up with the idea for your Trial Calculators?

A: In the dark ages, lawyers would charge by the finger to calculate deadlines when getting ready for trial. In the beginning of the last century, it became clear that grievance committees would not allow such shady tactics. Hence, this profit center was abandoned. As a result, lowly law clerks were called upon to use their fingers to count out the days between deadlines. One day while using all his fingers — as well as his toes — a young, aspiring law clerk devised the first trial calculator.

Q: How long has Think On Your Feet, Inc. been in business?

A: Think On Your Feet, Inc. began operations in 1996 in Littleton, Colorado until the company was forcibly evacuated from its offices by a hurricane from Florida that was way off course. All company personnel survived the attack and we have since learned that this particular hurricane veered to destroy its next victim.

Q: Who prints your product?

A: We interviewed (seriously, we did) the five plastic printers in the USA who were even able to handle this job. Two admitted after hours of grueling cross-examination that they were not able to guarantee the tolerance specified by Giovanni Cimino, Mr. John Ciminos late, great, er — great-grandfather. The remaining finalists played bocce ball for seventeen hours until the last standing contestant was declared victor.


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